Octopus© is a complete BPM (Business Process Management) and integration solution enabling orchestration and governance over the business processes in your healthcare facilities and across organizations.
Real time monitoring of the healthcare delivery process and supporting processes, including the paths taken in every workflow accompanied by real-time details and statistics, all accessed via a web browser.
Octopus© enables B2B and B2G healthcare interoperability among different players through HCX© using international healthcare standards such as IHE, HL7 (v2 and 3), CDA…etc.
Changes that traditionally require weeks and months of development, are done in days, some aspects such as the business rules can even be changed without the need for a re-deployment.
Robust Engine ensures high performance even in peak times; and can be configured for maximum availability.
Information and insights at your disposal for real-time reports, charts and dashboards with practically unlimited look-and-feel customizations to match your goals.
Ensuring compliance with regulatory policies and procedures (e.g. clinical protocols), through a “define, monitor, and control” mechanism.
Do more with less; reduce manual tasks, cycle time and bottlenecks. This leads to better quality and more effective process management.
Access the application from anywhere, any time to view your most important real-time statistics and dashboards on the go.
Safety of your data and processes guaranteed with the latest in standardized security procedures and protocols as well as the strongest proven threat prevention algorithms.
Octopus© transforms your healthcare facility into a process-based highly productive, agile, regulatory compliant and fully governed organization.
In Octopus, users have different levels of permissions that can range up to full control over the processes, with abilities like escalating, delegating, transferring and closing tasks when needed. Octopus enables dynamic and continuous process improvement and seamless changes using out-of-the-box tools such as the business rules engine; these changes can be made by business analysts and take effect immediately without the need for re-deployment cycles or server stoppage.

Octopus provides real-time charts and dashboards using in-process metrics and KPI’s, accessible anytime, anywhere, via mobile and desktop apps.

Octopus provides seamless integration between the different internal and external systems and providers (e.g. health and non-health governmental clients and services) through HCX©, using international healthcare standards (such as IHE, HL7, CDA…etc), for more about HCX©, please visit the HCX webpage.

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